Triad has been a great place for me to have physical therapy.  I went to Triad because I had fallen and had a total hip replacement. The Triad physical therapist is a good listener and would adjust my treatment each time according to how I was doing.

She is compassionate and understanding but also kept moving me forward in recovery with lots of encouragement. The mood in the room is light and uplifting with lots of humor-it almost makes you forget your pain.

Tracy is so great working muscles that were so angry and helping them get healthy and happy. I was also taught what to do at home between my visits to help with my recovery and the pain. My muscles are doing better than they were before my fall. I still have things to learn but I’m looking forward to total recovery and no pain.

Thank you, Triad.

Over the past 3 years, I have had to deal with both a shoulder injury and a knee injury.  I was scheduled at a place I won’t mention here because I was not at all impressed with the first therapist I visited.  I then lucked out when I discovered Triad Pain Management and Tracy Karas.  The care provided by Tracy and her team is far more effective than anything prior.  I highly recommend Triad Pain Management and Tracy for your physical therapy needs …  5 Stars for sure… 😉

I am so glad I found Triad Pain Management.  I had been in and out of physical therapy and chiropractic care for years due to my debilitating back problems. I would experience short-term pain relief but I was never able to find a long-term solution until I met Dr. Baca.  My first visit with Dr. Baca was incredible.  We spent probably an hour together discussing my medical history and my symptom history. He performed a complete functionality test and really worked to find the root cause of my pain.  After diagnosing the issue, we spent time going through all of the functionality tests. This is when I learned how important it is to have the compliment of physical therapy and chiropractic care. The PT staff; Angelica, Tracy, Chris and others are absolutely incredible.  They have become a second family. (Caution: Don’t go here if you don’t like cupcakes and treats. Tracy is an amazing baker.) The final component of my therapy was MUA and I believe this was one element that had been missing. On top of all of this they were willing to work with my insurance for an extremely affordable price. I’m only 30 years old and I thought I would have to deal with debilitating back spasms for the rest of my life. Turns out I was wrong.

I owe my life to Triad Pain Management and the wonderful team they’ve put together.  Before receiving treatment from Dr. Baca I was living with a constant migraine. For almost 8 years I suffered and the last 4 I’ve been heavily reliant on muscle relaxers and ibuprofen.

Dr. Baca is one of the best physicians I have ever had the honor to work with.  He is the only one to figure out that my migraines were caused by a residual injury during high school.  I dislocated my shoulder and it was never properly treated.  He explained that over the years, the result was a “frozen shoulder”.  Doctors prior to Dr. Baca were only interested in treating my symptoms without discovering the cause.

Triad Pain Management was interested in the cause in order to rid me of pain indefinitely. My treatment plan with Dr. Baca included MUAs and PRP injections, both of which, aided in the full range of motion I now experience in my left arm. I also participated in physical therapy to safely stabilize and strengthen my muscles.

Because of all of these things, I am able to live life pain-free without the aid of potentially harmful drugs. Like I said, I owe my life to Dr. Baca and his team at Triad Pain Management.

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