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Chiropractor Chandler Are you searching for a Chiropractor in Chandler? Triad Pain Management Clinic offers a modern approach to care. If you’re in pain, their professionals are dedicated to finding solutions to end your pain through a standard of practice that is supported by factual research and medical necessity.

It is the commitment of Triad’s Chiropractor in Chandler to diagnose the origin of your pain and restore health and function, so you can return to the life you truly deserve. Triad Pain Management Clinic treats:

- Musculoskeletal Pain, including neck and back pain, herniated disc and facet injury, and muscle & joint pain such as sprains, strains, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hips knee, ankle and foot pain

- Chronic Pain that comes with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, frozen shoulder, headaches, migraines, lower back pain, sciatica, carpel tunnel syndrome and more

- Pre-op and Post-op pain from Rotator Cuff surgery, ACL/MCL meniscus, Labrum tears, Laminectomy and Discectomy

Whether you require treatment for recent onset of pain or chronic pain syndromes, auto, work or sport-related injuries or any other cause of pain, you’ll find relief through the doors of the professional Chiropractor in Chandler at Triad Pain Management Clinic.

Clients find the team approach at Triad Clinic to be a comforting encouragement. Their specialists in the areas of pain management, anesthesiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation work together to provide an effective method for managing pain.

Your connection at Triad Clinic begins with a careful evaluation that includes history taking, a thorough physical exam, and a review of your medical records, all designed to identify what is causing your pain. After an accurate diagnosis to conclude where your pain is stemming from, the proper treatment plan will be advised.

Treatment for pain may include one or more of the following methods:

- Medication management, designed to be a valuable part of Triad Clinic’s pain management approach when a patient has a condition that causes chronic pain. As a patient under medication management, Triad Clinic will monitor your individual results to ensure you are responding favorably.

- Intervention Injections for pain control that may include Epidural Steroid, Trigger Points, Facet Joint Injections, Medial Branch Blocks, Sacroiliac Injections, Peripheral Nerve Block, Intra-articular Injections, or Steroids.

- There are numerous procedures that can be utilized to help with pain management, including ablations, Facet Radio-frequency Neurotomy, Discography, Discectomy and Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial.

- Triad Clinic’s Chiropractor in Chandler also works with a functional rehabilitation and PT team, working together to efficiently care for patients, using the latest techniques and protocols. This movement-based approach evaluates the needs of each patient and serves to rehabilitate in the most effective way possible.

If you’re searching for a qualified Chiropractor in the Chandler area who focuses on all aspects of pain management, using the specialties of primary care, orthopedics, neurology, Chiropractic, PT, massage therapy and other innovative treatment options, you’ll love what the Triad Pain Management Clinic can do for you.

Schedule an appointment today at Triad by calling 480-413-0586. Conveniently located on S Alma School Road in Chandler, Triad Pain Management Clinic is accepting new patients. Chiropractor Chandler

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