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Iop Treatment Oxnard

Channel Islands Rehab offers the best IOP treatment in Oxnard with innovative healing practices and a customized recovery approach. We help individuals battling addiction attain holistic recovery with evidence-based and humanistic therapies.

Our IOP Treatment Approach

We offer an immersive healing experience by engaging them in a series of wellness programs and recovery therapies. Some of the treatments we provide as a part of our IOP treatment program include:

  • Medically-assisted detox – Our medical detox treatments use specific medications to detoxify your body and aid in physical recovery.
  • Evidence-based modalities – We use psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, group therapy, self-hypnosis, etc., to help our clients attain comprehensive recovery and improved mental wellness.
  • Scientific neurobiology – We use therapies that use futuristic technology to help recovering addicts learn essential coping and survival skills. Some of the scientific neurobiology therapies we offer include biofeedback, neurofeedback, etc. 

We also use humanistic therapies, internal locus control, Hemi-sync sound therapy, etc., to help clients achieve their recovery goals. Our specialized individual treatment plans cater to the needs of each client and help them garner the best outcome in recovery.

Why Choose IOP Over Outpatient Rehab?

IOP treatment offers in-depth addiction treatment on an outpatient basis. It provides the best of both approaches – inpatient and outpatient rehab. You may benefit by choosing IOP over outpatient treatment because it engages you in up to 18 hours of addiction treatment and care each week, optimizing your chances of getting sober. More importantly, it has the second-highest success rate after outpatient therapy and may help you achieve lasting success with sobriety.

You should sign up for outpatient rehab after IOP addiction treatment to receive a step-down level of care and prevent relapse in the long term. IOP programs will help you address your dual diagnosis disorders and help you learn essential coping skills for lasting success with sobriety.

How Do I Choose An Addiction Treatment Option For My Recovery?

There are several routes to getting sober. Individuals can choose inpatient rehab, Intensive drug and alcohol treatment, or outpatient therapy to overcome their behavioral and mental health problems. However, you must be able to choose the ideal recovery option based on your addiction severity to garner the best outcome in recovery. Here are the pros and cons of different addiction rehabilitation programs:

Inpatient treatment – Residential rehab programs house you in a serene and secluded treatment facility for 1 – 3 months. You will participate in different psychotherapies, counseling sessions, and group meetings. It has the highest success rates, but the treatment costs can be costlier.

Outpatient treatment for substance abuse – Outpatient therapy offers the lowest level of care and engages you in addiction treatments for 1-2 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. This form of treatment allows you the freedom to stay at home during recovery and is cheaper than the residential version.

IOP – Signing up for the best intensive outpatient program will provide the best-quality care while enjoying the ease and comfort of living at home.

Contact 800-675-7963 to sign up for our IOP treatment in Oxnard. Channel Islands Rehab offers unsurpassed care and support to those battling addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Our holistic addiction treatment approach ensures comprehensive recovery from dual diagnosis and helps recovering addicts maintain lasting success with sobriety.

Iop Treatment Oxnard

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