Human Tissue Therapy

Repair & Regrow

Human Tissue Therapy (HTT) can be an alternative to invasive surgery. HTT focuses on the repair, reconstruction, replacement, or supplementation of the patient’s own tissue. HTTs commonly are reconstructive treatment options using donated, processed human cells and tissues to promote repair and reconstruction.

HTT characteristics as described in scientific literature:

Regulation of Inflammation

HTTs are thought to regulate inflammation in the body and to be used for tissue supplementation.

Human Tissue Therapy

Growth factors are naturally occurring in HTTs and engage the body’s healing components to promote the tissue repair and reconstruction process.


HTTs are naturally occurring, they do not contain steroids or other pharmaceuticals.


HTTs are thought to express immune-privileged antigens, which may reduce the risk of graft intolerance.


Quick Recovery

Return to everyday, non-high impact
activities, within 24-48 hours.


Tissue Supplementation

The HTT utilizes the body’s own healing process, therefore, it can take 3-4 months to feel the full effect.


Safe & Drug-free

Contains a number of growth factors and other endogenously synthesized molecules.

Just the Facts

What is Human Tissue Therapy?

A HTT contains a multitude of proteins and growth factors. The mixture creates an extra-cellular matrix to recruit the body’s stem cells to reconstruct and regenerate the injured tissue that is causing pain.

Powerful Treatment

By using HTTs, arthritis and soft tissue injury patients have another option to supplement damaged tissue without needing pain masking injections and or surgery.

Donors Giving New Life

Donor Screening

All HTTs are collected aseptically and tested prior to processing and are determined to be eligible for transplantation by Donors Suitabili-ty Standards established by the AATB and FDA.

FDA Regulated

Our products are regulated under 21 CFR Part 1271 and Section 361 of the Public Health and Service Act.

Sterilization Process

Our proprietary sterilization process ensures product sterility without terminal irradiation, maintaining the original biological makeup of the HTT.

Donation Source

HTTs are obtained during full-term cesarean births from healthy donors who have volunteered their placenta tissue. Donation does not require fetal sacrifice.

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