Advanced Human Tissue Therapy (HTT) is an alternative to invasive surgery.

HTT focuses on the repair, replacement and reconstruction of the patients own tissue.

HTTs are reconstructive treatment options using donated, processed human cells and tissues that are injected into the body to promote repair and reconstruction.

A range of donated human tissues & cells have been used in Human Tissue Therapy (HTT):

  • Amniotic Tissue is used to address inflammatory conditions.

  • Human Collagen is administered to address skin defects.

  • Donated Cartilage can address various joint conditions.

  • Tendon Grafts are implanted to address sports injuries.

  • Human Bone Allografts are used for bone fusions in orthopedics.

Degenerative Joint Disorders

Osteoarthritis of the Hip or Knee is one of the top health issues among the elderly population. It can cause pain, can reduce significantly the physiological range of joint motion until walking becomes difficult.

As knee or hip Arthritis progresses, total joint replacement is the most common treatment recommendation.

Ankle Osteoarthritis can be very painful and can even lead to an inability to bear weight. When life is significantly compromised, ankle fusion surgery or ankle joint replacement surgery might even be recommended.

Inflammatory Conditions

Plantar Fasciitis is a very common cause of heel pain. Ignoring it can cause significant long-term Foot, Knee and Back problems.

Injections of pharmaceuticals come with side effects and provide only temporary pain relief.

Tendonitis can happen to athletes, runners and people who are on their feet a lot. Tendonitis is a classic overuse injury. Patients with tendonitis complain of Pain and Swelling of the Foot and Ankle.

Tissue Injuries

Ruptures to the Achilles tendon is the most common form of tendon damage.

Shoulder Instabilities or a Tear of your Rotator Cuff can cause significant pain. Surgery often doesn’t lead to better mobility and function.  Recovery is long, painful, and requires extensive physical therapy.

Often Knots of Muscle that form when muscles do not relax cause significant pain. These painful areas of muscle contain Trigger Points that may irritate the nerves around them, can cause referred pain, or Pain that is felt in another part of the body


In the treatment of Degenerative Joint Disorders, HTTs are commonly applied directly into the joint. The goal is to initiate the body’s own regeneration process to help rebuild the patient’s own cartilage.

The goal of the HTT usage for Inflammatory Conditions is to address the inflammation directly where it occurs. HTTs are usually administrated directly into the area of inflammation.  HTT will support the repair of injured tissue or address underlying irritations that cause pain.

When HTTs are used for the treatment of Tissue Injuries, they are usually injected directly into the area where repair or tissue regeneration is desired.

HTT will support the repair of injured tissue or address underlying irritations that cause pain.

HTT Alternative

Instead of replacing a joint, tearing apart complex anatomic structures in invasive surgery, why not let your body heal itself by utilizing Human Tissue Therapy.

Application of HTT will target the area in your body that needs repair.  Right after the application, it will begin modulating your body’s own healing process to help rebuild and regenerate new healthy tissue.

Unlike drugs, HTT has the ability to regrow lost or worn out tissue. It is corrective rather than palliative. In other words, it fixes the problem and heals the damaged tissues.

Why should you consider Human Tissue Therapy?

Get back to a Painless Life

Enjoy the benefits of this quick and drug-free regenerative therapy.
Live your best life without the pain and long recovery from surgical procedures.

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HTT has helped thousands of patients to regain a healthy life FREE OF PAIN!

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