Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)

MUA has been found to be extremely effective in aiding people with chronic neck, back, and joint problems stemming from old injuries. Patients with long-term disabilities not relieved through conservative treatment often find resolution through MUA.

Studies prove when compared to surgery and other procedures, MUA patients return to work faster, have higher activity rates and longer lasting results. Several spinal conditions including chronic disc problems, failed surgery, sciatica and decreased range of motion caused by scar tissue build-up have shown to benefit from MUA. Also, soft tissue problems such as fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, chronic muscle spasm and headaches/migraines respond with excellent results from the MUA procedure.

Shoulder Manipulation Release Technique (SMRT)

Shoulder Manipulation Release Technique (SMRT) is a new, proprietary technique created by our team of physicians.  This dynamic technique successfully resolves the frustrating and painful condition of adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder).  This condition is often associated with surgery, post mastectomy pain syndrome, chronic neck problems and diabetes.  The concepts of this technique are also applied to the knee and elbow in cases of arthrofibrosis which is commonly found following surgery.

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